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Illico Hodes

Connecting Talent with Employers

Candidate Experience

Create Ambassadors and Multiply Your Reach

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Recruitment Ecosystem

Integrate Web Solutions for the Best ROI

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RITA Career Section

Create your E-Commerce Career Section

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Attract. Qualify. Streamline the Process.

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Talent acquisition is certainly a strategic issue for an organization. You want to make sure you have the right talent in place at the right time at the lowest cost?

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See What's Possible with Illico Hodes
A leader in talent acquisition solutions and services, Illico Hodes delivers an innovative, forward-thinking and robust cloud recruitment ecosystem that will support your growth.

Employer Brand

Driving Force Behind Growth.

Understand where you come from, who you are and where you’re going. The brand is a beacon that helps the company steer in the right direction; it is uniquely positioned in the mind of its employees and candidates; it attracts and inspires.

  • Imagine collaborative work
  • Using our proven tools and models that serves as a canvas
  • Inspiring engagement throughout the project with the appreciative approach
  • Identifying the areas we can best contribute, working as partners 

Talent Acquisition Services

Attract and Engage the Best.

Where can we help?

  • Strategy
  • Brand
  • Design, content and production
  • Social media
  • Processes
  • Web ecosystem
  • Sourcing
  • ROI analysis


Integrated Solutions in the Cloud.

To hire the best talent today, it takes a Web ecosystem that is engaging and effective. From reaching, attracting, converting candidates to measuring. Lead the pack by building recruitment intelligence.

  • Have a global perspective of the activities and performance
  • Get the best ROI 
  • Deliver a coherent candidate experience
  • Enhance your employer brand


Create your Branded Career Section.

Our e-commerce career section platform combines our understanding of the candidates’ behaviour, our employer marketing expertise and the latest technologies.

  • Facilitate a consistent candidate experience 
  • Maximize your conversion rate
  • Increase the performance by more than 70%
  • Have complete control over your recruitment site


Recruit Smarter, Faster and Cheaper. 

Simplify your life and save time with a complete candidate marketing platform with social sourcing and real time analytics.

  • Post once and distribute to more than 1,700 job boards
  • Limit data entry: we offer career section and ATS synchronization
  • Measure your performance, predict and react, in real time
  • Centralize and manage all your sourcing activities


Attract. Qualify. Hire.

Streamline your process with our talent acquisition solution. Because we focus, we are the best at what we do. Each year, the CVManager team designs many new functionalities according to three criteria: 

  • Client's needs
  • Market trends
  • Technology 


Create a Driven Workforce.

Imagine your employees as ambassadors, they:

  • Communicate their enthusiasm to colleagues, networks & clients
  • Think continuous improvement
  • Act with passion to deliver the promise
  • Are productive and influence positively


Create Brand Advocates.

The talent acquisition market has shifted toward the candidate.

  • Learn about the best practices
  • Discover how to differentiate your company
  • Benchmark how the candidate perceives his overall experience
  • Reinforce your employer brand
«Thanks to their expertise, the professional team of Illico Hodes quickly grasped our organizational profile. While meeting our deadlines, they offered effective solutions and found the best options.
The industry in which we operate is complex. Through this partnership, we have developed a special collaboration that goes well beyond the simple customer relationship; they also took the time to really get to know us. They quickly understood our needs and brilliantly rose to the challenge by satisfying them. »
— Stéphane Pincince, Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe.

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