Illico Hodes

About Us

Connecting Talent with Employers

We Have Proudly Served Human Resources Professionals Since 1989.

Our profound candidate intelligence, marketing expertise and understanding of HR professionals sets us apart.

What drives us springs from the creation of value propositions for our partners and clients. We continue to reinvent ourselves. It is a state-of-mind. We are constantly reflecting on ways to improve and transform the recruitment landscape. Innovative and sustainable solutions are the results, like our awesome Web recruitment ecosystem, a simple, customer driven with an emphasis on accurate, reliable and relevant metrics to make it the best business intelligence platform in talent acquisition.

We encourage the joint design of valued outcomes with all our key resources including our clients.

Our Promise 

Innovative partner in talent acquisition for growth.

Our Team

Over time, we built an exceptional network of experts who complement our solid core team. The combination of our expertise and that of our clients as well as our qualitative approach enable us to have an in-depth and multidimensional vision necessary to guide you to success.

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