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The Cornerstone of Your Recruitment Strategy

Build a foundational career website that drives more qualified traffic to targeted positions and demonstrate that your employer brand is connected and forward-thinking in its technology adoption.

In a recruitment ecosystem, the career section plays an influential role, it is showcasing your organization. A recruitment website should facilitate a coherent candidate experience that maximizes the conversion rate. For greater visibility, your career section must promote a synergy between your social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, etc.).

We build career websites that combine our understanding of candidates' behavior, our employer marketing expertise and the latest technologies.

RITA Career Section Platform

  • Is inspired by e-commerce best practices.
  • Generates more qualified candidates.
  • Ensures a high conversion rate from potential candidates to applicants.
  • Meets the needs and behaviors of different types of candidates.
  • Provides statistics that help you improve your performance in terms of attraction and conversion.

We aim to make your career section a web property that strikes the balance between attractive design and ergonomic/technological efficiency to ensure a consistent and engaging experience for all involved in the recruitment process.

Going Beyond Best Practices

To provide a positive candidate experience, jobs are at the heart of your career section. The conversion widgets such as job alerts and spontaneous applications are designed to convert passive candidates into RITA basic candidate relationship management database or your ATS.


  • WCAG AA Standard.
  • Mobile: We create all career sections on the latest responsive technology that adapts to all types of devices: computer, tablet, smart phone, television, etc.
  • Optimized SEO: Technical optimization; URL for job postings; relevant domain name.


  • Key positions on homepage and on specific sections for the targets.
  • Job search engine on all pages.
  • Call to action for active and passive candidates.


  • Simple and attractive graphic design.
  • Relevant content and SEO optimized.
  • Video.


  • Links to your social media channels.
  • Sharing job offers with social media.


  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Measure the traffic.
  • Measure the conversion rate.
  • Measure the behaviour.


  • An easy to use and powerful content management system.
  • You can self-manage the content of your career section in real time.
  • Assured maintenance.
RITA Sourcer distributes to more than 1,600 job boards x x x
Bilingual ( English, French) with browser language detection x x x
Automated acknowledgement of receipt on screen and by email x x x
Reactive technology x x x
Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox 28+, Safari 8+, Android 4+, iOS 6+, Internet Explorer 11 x x x
Content management system (CMS) x x x
SEO optimized x x x
RSS Feed and social media sharing x x x
Google Analytics (with .xml site map ) x x x
Job category segmentation x x x
WCAG AA Standard x x x
Adapted to your brand : logo, font, colors x x x
Cloud hosting x x
Project management x x x
Technical support : 2 hours / month x x x
1 application form x
Searchable candidate database x
CV attached - searchable x
Candidates database - registered to the job alert x
Candidates database - spontaneous application x
Automated expiration of resumes after 12 months x
Unlimited number of users x
Job search engine on all pages x x x
Featured jobs x x x
Similar jobs x x
Job cart x x
Geolocation - Google Map x x x
Video x x x
Event calendar x x
Job alert x x x
Application form x x x
Application form from a social profile x x x
2-3 pre-designed themes and templates x x
Custom personalization x
2 pages - home, job descriptions x
0 to 20 pages x x
Client provides content : text and photos x x
Illico Hodes provides the employer positioning and content x

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