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We'll reach out to you.
We can strategize, plan and execute. Our process: assess, strategize, design, implement and measure.

Networking is the Way Ahead

An ambassador program is an integrated dimension of the employer brand. A Harvard study finds that brand advocacy is more important than brand image and employee/customer satisfaction. Advocating and promoting a brand is significantly different than aiming for satisfaction, even loyalty. It is the result of mobilized and engaged employees.

An ambassador program structures and promotes engagement. We develop the action plan with the partners and working committee of the organization. We support you through change and celebrate your successes! Let us help you.

  • Identify influencers and ambassadors
  • Train ambassadors and managers
  • Design comprehensive toolbox
  • Create the communication channels

Your Employees are Your Best Spokesperson

  • They are proactive in attracting qualified talents - with cultural affinities
  • They are key in change management process
  • They convey key messages
  • They have exemplary behaviour

Employees should be viewed as elements of your brand equity. Brand-building requires understanding what differentiates your brand in order to focus ressources on the employees who provide that difference. Employees' commitment to the brand increases when they know how they can contribute.

You have everything to gain from a discussion with us. See how we can help you create a workforce committed to profitable growth.

«Thanks to their expertise, the professional team of Illico Hodes quickly grasped our organizational profile. While meeting our deadlines, they offered effective solutions and found the best options.
The industry in which we operate is complex. Through this partnership, we have developed a special collaboration that goes well beyond the simple customer relationship; they also took the time to really get to know us. They quickly understood our needs and brilliantly rose to the challenge by satisfying them. »
— Stéphane Pincince, Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe.

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