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You do not Own Your Employer Brand Any More

The talent acquisition market has shifted toward the candidate. Today, with social media, candidates have a voice. Discover how to differentiate your company. Benchmark how the candidate perceives his overall experience. Reinforce your employer brand and have positive spillover to employee engagement.

We are an active member of the CandE Canada Council, a part of the Canadian Talent Board. The Talent Board is the first non-profit organization in the industry to give large numbers of companies access to aggregated candidate experience datasets. We support the Talent Acquisition discipline with benchmarks and best practices that support continuous recruiting innovation. The mission is to facilitate the evolution of the employment candidate experience principally through the annual production of The Candidate Experience Awards CandE. 

We help and encourage companies to benchmark and improve their candidate experience. Any corporation that is interested in enhancing the candidate experience they provide will benefit from participating, at no cost, in the benchmark process. 

Be Part of the Movement

5 reasons why you should deliver a positive candidate experience (source: 2014 CandEs candidate survey)

  1. 95% would re-apply
  2. 96.9% would refer someone to apply
  3. 23% would increase their customer status boost customer affinity
  4. 50.5% would blog or socialize their positive experience
  5. 82.3% would share with their inner circle – ambassadors

4 reasons why you don’t want to risk a negative candidate experience

  1. 72.8% would not re-apply
  2. 66% would not refer to others
  3. 9% of customers would leave - decreased customer affinity
  4. 32% would be willing to speak out publicly about a negative experience

Companies that participate can receive access to data that benchmarks their candidate experience against the aggregate of all winners.

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«More companies recognize the value of the candidate experience, how it is an extension of the employer brand and its impact on engaging candidates and employees alike. »
— Céline Charron, CEO, Illico Hodes.

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