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The Employer Brand is What People Say About You When Your Not There

For a brand to attract and inspire consider the “W” factor:

  • why and who: the desired impact, the purpose and the target audience;
  • what: its relevance in addressing expectations;
  • wow: a passion that energizes and resonates with people.

How can you discover and own your unique employer brand? From your DNA, emotional advantages, practices, reputation, brand positioning, and the true experience of your employees and candidates. What is your employee value proposition? Let us work with you on this inspiring journey.

Our flexibility sets us apart. We can support you from the beginning to end, where we can be most useful, or offer a bank of validation hours throughout your project.

10 Reasons for a Clear and Strong Employer Brand

  1. Attracts higher quality candidates.
  2. Attracts candidates with better cultural fit.
  3. Increases closing of passive candidates
  4. Decreases time-to-fill and cost-per-hire
  5. Decreases the turn over
  6. Increases employee referral
  7. Increases employee engagement
  8. Increases employee performance
  9. Decreases the absentee rate
  10. Increases the likelihood of having ambassadors for your company

How We Work 

Imagine collaborative work that enhances the creation of solutions according to your culture and challenges. Our way of co-creating stimulates ideas, promotes the transfer of knowledge, generates transformation and encourages autonomy.

Of course, our proven tools and models serve as canvas. Our expertise combined with your knowledge of the organization brings out innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our appreciative approach combined with our participatory and projective methods inspires engagement throughout the project. Imagine an approach that capitalizes on the strengths of your organization and gives actual results in real time!

Our customers are our partners. Thus, at the launch of any project, we identify the areas we can best contribute and those where you have the ability and ressources to conduct in-house - creating our own exit strategy from the beginning.

We are delighted to discuss in detail ways to better support you, making the connection between our role as a strategist and implementer.

Our Approach For Profitable Growth

We consider the brand as the company's foundation. Its DNA (culture, purpose, values...) and the promise made to its different target groups: customers, employees, partners, suppliers... its reputation which relies on the experience lived in contact with the brand.

Sustaining a strong brand requires an alignment between four components: people, technology-process, structure and finance. The perception of the brand depends on the emotional contact we have with it.

At Illico Hodes, we believe people make the difference. We rely on people to deliver distinctive employee experience that will provide a great customer experience and generate growth. The more aligned, engaged and passionate the employees, the more they reinforce the brand and deliver the promise to customers.

  • Align: guide action towards the objectives of the company.
    Assess | Research | Analysis | Diagnostic
  • Engage:  to ensure all adhere to it and find it meaningful.

    Mobilize | Brand Advocacy

  • Activate:  encourage transition to concrete behaviors.

    Deploy | Design | Execute

  • Strengthen: ensure that changes are sustainable.

    Celebrate | Measure | Adjust

We provide consultancy services in all aspects of mobilization, communication and brand. Our specialists are at the forefront of their fields. We incorporate research, analysis, strategy and a co-creative perspective in our solutions - not because we think it works - but because we know it does.

«Thanks to their expertise, the professional team of Illico Hodes quickly grasped our organizational profile. While meeting our deadlines, they offered effective solutions and found the best options.
The industry in which we operate is complex. Through this partnership, we have developed a special collaboration that goes well beyond the simple customer relationship; they also took the time to really get to know us. They quickly understood our needs and brilliantly rose to the challenge by satisfying them. »
— Stéphane Pincince, Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe.

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