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Reach, Attract, Engage, Streamline the Process, Hire and Measure with Key Performance Indicators. 

They are now major issues that requires an integrated ecosystem that allows to develop an understanding of the recruitment market, to position yourself in front of the lot.

To hire the best talent today, it takes a complete Web ecosystem that is coherent with your brand, engaging and effective. The traditional recruiting process — one of candidates responding to job board postings, completing a form, submitting resumes, and waiting with fingers crossed — is dead.

Today, companies and candidates participate in a much more holistic and immersive experience. One that wraps brand, marketing, relationship management, and recruiting into one, with more than one Web property. Companies are presenting elegantly branded career websites and social media pages, that encourage visitors to join their community networks into an easy to use and efficient database. Candidates want to talk with recruiters and in some cases, current employees, before deciding if a company is a good fit and worth applying to.

Today, sourcers, recruiters and hiring managers, must proactively search, find, and nurture candidates in this tough market. They need tools that empower them to do this. Easy to use, effective and powerful tools with reliable, useful and actionable metrics to improve their performance in real time.

Talent acquisition managers must understand the job market, the sources, the candidate’s behavior (active and passive), trends and best practices. They must have a global perspective of the activities and recruitment performance of the entire organization.

Our Recruitment Ecosystem Includes

  • Recruitment marketing and social sourcing with analytics
  • An engaging career website experience
  • Candidate engagement opportunities through social media
  • Talent communities for future job opportunities
  • Streamlined application process and workflow with candidate visibility into status
  • Collaborative functionality to support the hiring team
  • Mobile functionality for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers
  • HR analytics to support smart managing and hiring decisions

Unbeatable Reach

Get access to millions of candidates with RITA Sourcer, the only e-commerce platform with more than 1 600 job boards, more than 460 million profiles, and social recruiting. 

Branded Career Section

Build a foundational career website that drives more qualified traffic to targeted positions and demonstrates that your employer brand is connected and forward-thinking in its technology adoption.

Streamlined Process

Ease your recruitment process and make sure you don’t lose one qualified candidate. CVManager, a best of breed solution with the latest features. A powerful yet simple, SAAS solution.

Best ROI

Get quality candidates with real time sourcing analytics, candidate’s behaviour, and process efficiency reports. Spend no time compiling and cleaning data, and all your time optimizing to secure the future of your talent attraction strategy.

«Thanks to their expertise, the professional team of Illico Hodes quickly grasped our organizational profile. While meeting our deadlines, they offered effective solutions and found the best options.
The industry in which we operate is complex. Through this partnership, we have developed a special collaboration that goes well beyond the simple customer relationship; they also took the time to really get to know us. They quickly understood our needs and brilliantly rose to the challenge by satisfying them. »
— Stéphane Pincince, Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe.

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