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We can strategize, plan and execute. Our process: assess, strategize, design, implement and measure.

Recruitment Strategy

Today's attractive brand must engage and convert relevant candidates into top driven employees. We can help brand an employer as a recruitment leader by implementing a solid talent acquisition strategy fueled by our candidate insight and employer specific assessment. We know candidate behavior and will use it to your advantage.

Our world is in constant evolution. New media, intergenerational programs, global mobility, and candidate employability, all command acquiring new skills and knowledge.

  • Marketing / Lead Generation / CRM / Social CRM / Sale
  • New Media / Networking

Marketing and Human Resources are working more and more together. There are no proven recipes; innovation must continually be on the menu. We play a critical role in:

  • monitoring the integrity of the brand;
  • the relevance of the solutions and methods implemented;
  • and the differentiating factors.

We work with you to understand, plan and implement solutions that foster efficiency and success. One of the main challenge growing companies must face is finding competent and engaged talents, in sufficient number.

  • Brand
  • Resources
  • Processes
  • Tools
  • Sourcing
  • Practices

Visual Identity to Attract and Stand Out

You are encountering difficulties in recruiting qualified candidates in sufficient number? Yet you are not ready to totally rethink your employer brand. It is possible to create an attractive visual identity that will answer your urgent talent sourcing needs.

  • An appreciative research conducted with new employees, hiring managers, and HR professionals within the organization fuels the imagination of our creative staff to design an inspiring and distinctive message.
  • We keep abreast of the latest studies to better understand the needs of each generation, profession, cultural diversity, and market. For critical positions where you have staff shortages, we can conduct focus groups with potential candidates.
  • The more you know and understand the needs of sought-after candidates, the more your message will be tailored and efficient.

New Media in an Ever Changing World

  • Social media; understand its philosophy, power and dangers . Why, how, where and when to resort to social media to attract and acquire talent in a recruitment strategy?
  • Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube ... are buzzing in your ears as opportunities not to miss to reach and attract the talents you are looking for. But where to start? Let’s explore together the realm of possibilities in light of your objectives, with respect to your corporate culture.
  • Authenticity, interaction and sharing: a dialogue anchored in equality! This is part of the Web 2.0 equation. Your various company’s spokespeople will give it its unique and distinctive character.

Web visibility and referencing. Your Careers section is the doorway to your company for candidates. Make sure it is:

  • Ranking in search engine results (SEO/PPC) and its efficiency measurable
  • Accessible to active and passive candidates
  • Relevant, welcoming, inspiring
  • Conveying the essence of your company

Damage control

  • Do you know what is being said on the Web about your company? In which communities? How can you capitalize on your findings?
  • Have an edge on your competitors with our customized LinkedIn Workshop.
  • We have developed a customized approach providing both a training workshop and a brainstorming opportunity for your HR team and managers. We offer content related to your needs, and practical exercises suited to your environment and current recruitment challenges.

Leverage the LARGEST Professional DataBase

To source qualified passive candidates. From beginner to experienced, our customized approach will satisfy all.

Who should attend
  • Hiring managers
  • Recruiters
  • Human Resources Team
Practical and relevant content
  • Find out where your team is at on LinkedIn
  • Learn how to optimize their LinkedIn usage
What it includes:
  • Audit of participant profiles
  • Training session and handbook
  • Draft of an action plan (next steps)

We can offer these sessions at your office (minimum 5 participants) and we also offer sessions at our office.


«Thanks to their expertise, the professional team of Illico Hodes quickly grasped our organizational profile. While meeting our deadlines, they offered effective solutions and found the best options.
The industry in which we operate is complex. Through this partnership, we have developed a special collaboration that goes well beyond the simple customer relationship; they also took the time to really get to know us. They quickly understood our needs and brilliantly rose to the challenge by satisfying them. »
— Stéphane Pincince, Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe.

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